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About Us - Why Us?


Stribbons can be your trusted partner throughout the development process and we have strict oversight of all aspects of production to insure safety of your intellectual property.

As a Global company with 50+ years in development of packaging innovations, production quality, and top notch customer service, Stribbons is dedicated to helping you, our customers, succeed! Your success is our success. We understand that listening to what you want and need is most important. Delivering quality products on time and on budget is our primary goal. Our in house traffic department will take away the head ache of dealing with shipping companies in foreign countries and handle all aspects of Customs clearance.

Our headquarters in Fort Lauderdale, Florida is open to all customers who find themselves in the area. We would be happy to meet and show you a body of our work. Our graphics department is located there and you can work with our professional team, mix and match ribbons, charms or other embellishments, and see actual printed mockups coming off of our high quality printers.

Flex Board,  Flex Rigid,  Rigid,  Speciality Papers,  Ceramics,  Sewn Products,  Tins,  Charms,  Hang Tags,  Embellishments